The Performance Culture is a network of professionals with significant operational and organisational experience, brought together by a passion to help individuals and organisations develop a culture of high performance. Our approach is completely bespoke for each client, with us pulling on expertise from necessary experts to find the right solution for you or your organisation.

Everyone is different, every organisation has its own quirks and that’s why we don’t come with any prescribed solutions. We apply rigorous thinking, a  creative touch and years of practical experience to each client – with a keen interest in getting the best outcome for you.

The range of projects we work on are often broad, however we are recognised for our understanding of:

Scaling up the Start Up

The challenge of scaling up your start up is never quite as easy as first imagined. Often borne out of a single creative idea, the skill sets used by entrepreneurs to start a business are rarely the same skills sets needed in order to grow the business. Often entrepreneurs need help to develop a clear plan on how to grow the business, set in place robust KPI’s learn how to delegate and empower others to help deliver what was once just their own dream.

We work with Leadership teams to ensure there is a clear sense of identity in the business, underlying principles of business and a robust performance and development framework to allow the start up to safely grow.

Culture & Behaviour Change

Culture and behaviour are significant drivers of both organisational and personal outcomes. We specialise in working with clients to identify limiting behaviors, inhibiting cultural factors and things which ultimately impact performance negatively. Our approach is highly personalised but is always focused on delivering higher levels of performance, creating forward momentum and doing it in a way which is both educational and fun.

Our interventions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, are always built collaboratively and are designed to drive outcomes in a time frame suited to the clients needs.

Family Business

We understand the uniqueness of family businesses. We know the power of having an owner-manager in the business where their approach is empowering and uplifting, but we also know the disruptive influence an owner can have on a business.

We work with owners, managers and leadership teams to ensure a shared understanding of the strategy, direction and uniqueness of the business – providing an enabling and empowering culture which embodies all the best things of a family business. We coach younger family members in expectation of future responsibilities, and we deliver business wide training programs in a cost effective and business sensitive way.