Business is never easy, but trying to move forwards without a clear plan, a clear sense of direction and everybody committed certainly makes it significantly harder. Here at the Performance Culture we work with organisations large and small to help them refine their planning process to ensure it provides a strong framework to help drive the business forward.

We work with clients to ensure that the Strategy & Planning framework they use has the ability to meet our 3 core criteria for effective delivery:

For a business to get significant forward momentum there must be alignment amongst the team at numerous levels. Senior Leaders need to have full agreement and be fully aligned towards the ‘end goal’, all staff must have alignment and a belief in the future direction of the business, and the way people are recognised and rewarded needs to be aligned to the business goals. We work with your people to ensure the strategy and planning process builds in activities focussed on creating such alignment
We want your strategy and plan to engage the hearts and minds of your people, encouraging them to commit to it. We see so many plans which focus only on profit – these occasionally work - but a plan which has a greater purpose has the ability to ‘live’ within the business and drive behavior. We encourage socialising the plan around the business before publication, ensuring that every member of the business can clearly understand and track how their day to day activity is having an impact on the lives of their customers, and we encourage a focus on the higher purpose of the business or product/service provided.
The most critical part of execution is developing a strategy or plan which is easy to communicate. We believe that developing and writing the plan is only 20% of the challenge, 80% of the challenge is communicating the plan in a way which engages, excites and appropriately challenges your people. If we accept that the effectiveness of communication is the response we get, then to make your plan work your communication and roll-out strategy becomes critical.

We are a group of dedicated individuals who get excited by helping clients understand their challenges, devise options and deliver solutions. We’re not big into lengthy emails, or jazzy sales pitches so we simply encourage you to just get in touch: drop us an email or give us a call to see how we may be able to best help you.

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