Here at The Performance Culture, you won’t be surprised to hear that we truly believe you and your people really are the key to high performance. So many great ideas, well researched plans and promising products are filed into the ‘basket of failure’ due to one simple thing – the human component.

To be world class, requires an investment. The critical investment required for such success is rarely time or money but more often than not it sits in education. In our ever changing world the successful businesses are those with the greatest flexibility – they know how to respond to changing customer demand, they know how to engage the hearts and minds of their people, and they know how to get things done quickly. That ‘know how’ comes from a constant thirst for knowledge and education, and an understanding of training and education as an investment, not a cost.

Our courses are bespokely developed to address the knowledge, skill or behaviour challenges in your business. Unlike public or open courses, our courses are aligned exclusively to your commercial objectives and are designed to get forward momentum quickly.

With access to an expansive network of professionals we can find a  solution for any of your training and education needs. Areas we regulalrly cover include Personal Effectiveness, Inspiring Leadership, High Performing Teams,  Developing a Culture of Innovation and Leading Change. All of our programmes share an outcome focus, utilising our 3 tiers of engagement to ensure a sustainable impact:

The first step of any education program is to awaken people towards a curiosity for learning. Those people who are open to believe there is more than one way to get a good result, are often those most able to be flexible and stay outcome focused rather than task focused. In so doing we are empowering the individual/team to make a step change in performance
The second stage of any education program is to evolve the individuals/teams thinking by showing them different ways to reach their outcome. The changes may be in approach, may be in behaviour or it may be in process – but we keep delegates focused on outcomes and our overall approach of creating a culture of high performance.
The power of an in-house course is that your people can work on real problems in real time ensuring context and relevance. So many training and education programs fail because what is learnt is often removed from the reality or complexity of the client organisation. Clients find our bespoke programs are a great way to evoke a commitment to change and a culture of performance in their people, as they are seen as a business to be making an investment towards a better future.

We are a group of dedicated individuals who get excited by helping clients understand their challenges, devise options and deliver solutions. We’re not too big into lengthy emails, or jazzy sales pitches so we simply encourage you to just get in touch: drop us an email or give us a call to see how we may be able to best help you.

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